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Socrates in Silicon Valley by Tom Morris

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Spotligt img If Socrates had a great sense of humor, huge energy, and amazing stories, if Plato knew modern business and the challenges of your life, if Aristotle had the sensibility of an entrepreneur, tinged with Seinfeld, Leno, and Fallon, you'd have something like Tom Morris on stage. Whether your group is 10 or 10,000 people, Tom can give you the talk of the year, with profound and practical insights you can use, right away. Here, we list some of his most popular topics. For testimonials on how they come across, see the Clients page by clicking above. Preview: From CEOs to front-line workers, and college students, people love these sessions! 

Tom's recent talks have been given in such diverse spots as Decorah, Iowa, New York, London, Chicago, Hollywood, FL, Indianapolis, San Diego, Las Vegas, Denver, Charleston, Sea Island, Georgia, and Palo Alto, CA.