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Bill Acheson
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Bill Acheson is an expert in nonverbal communication. Since 1985, Bill has taught communication at the University of Pittsburgh. As a keynote speaker, he uses his knowledge of nonverbal communication - body language - to teach professionals how to project themselves with greater impact. In the process they also learn to interpret the subconscious messages sent by others.

Scott Adams
Speaker Image

Dr. Patch Adams
Speaker Image The World's Most Beloved M.D.

Charlie Adams
Speaker Image

Karl Ahlrichs
Speaker Image Expert ideas, trends and thought leadership for challenging times, delivered with humor to tough audiences. Your audience gets the fresh ideas and insight needed to become high performers.

Pat Allen
Speaker Image Pat Allen, Ph.D., Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Psychotherapist, is an internationally recognized Communication and Relationship Expert, and a Certified Transactional Analyst. Her Androgynous Semantic Realignment (A.S.R.) and her trademarked "Want® Training" is a proven system of the influence of language and communication on human beings from embryo to grave.

Comedian Jeff Allen
Speaker Image The world's funniest, most inspiring comedian!

Steve Altes
Speaker Image Humorist, author, rocket scientist, and recipient of the National Medal of Technology

Elaine Ambrose
Speaker Image Award-winning author, humorist, and publisher - from a childhood on an Idaho potato farm to world traveler and popular speaker

Dave Anderson
Speaker Image Dave has appeared in comedy clubs all over America

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