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Face Reading/Body Language
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Speaker Iamge Mac Fulfer

About Mac Fulfer :

Mac Fulfer is a popular speaker and lecturer who gives presentations on face reading for national and international conferences. He customizes his presentation to the specific needs of the organization that he is speaking to, such as improving sales, jury selection, and better hiring interviews.

He has spoken to companies and organizations that include American Airlines, the Kansas State Judicial Conference, Business Week Magazine, the International Meeting Planners, the National Association of Legal Administrators and the U.S. Postal Service.

Mac Fulfer practiced law in Fort Worth, Texas for nearly 22 years, since earning his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas in 1975. Initially, Mr. Fulfer became interested in the practice of face reading for the purpose of jury selection. He quickly discovered that face reading changed his perspective, allowing him to see people more compassionately through the experiences reflected on their faces.

Since then, he has researched and developed these skills and presented ideas in workshops across the country. His workshops are in great demand from lawyers, educational institutions, Fortune 500 companies and other venues that have an interest in understanding people. As a presenter, Mr.Fulfer relies on his background, personal experience, wisdom and expertise in face reading to provide participants with information and experience that will enhance their communication skills.


Books by Mac Fulfer :
Amazing Face Reading
Book Image
Our primal intuitions about people's temperaments, feelings, and intentions depend, to a great extent, on what we observe in their faces. We are all instinctive 'face readers' from birth. However, we dramatically increase our personal effectiveness when we can quickly and accurately read every face like a map.

Face reading demonstrates how reading the very structure of the face and its accompanying features reveals the thinking style of its owner. Face reading can also identify the problem-solving preferences, stress level, degree of openness, intimacy requirements and even the basic truthfulness of a person. Your face is a living record of your life and, like your personality, it is shaped by both inherited factors and your response to life experiences.

Whether selling, hiring, negotiating, speaking, or interacting, the ability to discern another's attitude and mind-set is a skill we all desperately need. Being a truly gifted communicator is not solely defined by mastery of a verbal style or well-rehearsed techniques; it also requires the ability to immediately read and acknowledge your audience. The availability of the face gives the reader an opportunity to accurately interpret and respond to every interaction.
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