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Speaker Iamge Floyd Wickman

About Floyd Wickman :

Those who know Floyd Wickman will tell you that he can teach anyone how to succeed in real estate regardless of their background because he is living proof. With just a 9th grade education and close to ten years stay in the military, Floyd Wickman began his real estate career in 1966. His first year in real estate yielded him just three closings.

In year two Floyd changed offices and went to work for a broker who would not let him fail, someone he affectionately called HB. He went on to average 86 real estate transactions a year for six years. Individual success turned into team success when he and his staff of 8 associates collectively averaged a listing a day and 23 closings a month for 4 consecutive years.
On April 16th, 1974, Floyd Wickman received ‘The Calling’ while watching professional speaker J. Douglas Edwards speak at a live event. With no previous speaking experience Floyd set a goal that day to speak in front of 2300 people within five years. In February of 1979 he achieved that goal.
As a manager, Floyd Wickman’s weekly sales meetings became mini-seminars where he helped people as much as he could. This experience was a stepping stone to a national training career and the foundation for his training methodology.
Almost everyone in the industry knows the name Floyd Wickman to be synonymous with the Sweathogs™ training program. What many do not know is that his 1999 decision to sell Sweathogs™ stemmed from its cold calling foundation. While he briefly contemplated retirement, Floyd's love of teaching and desire to help people truly have more successful careers kept him firmly planted in the field he continues to be passionate about.
Touching every conceivable pocket of the North American real estate community through tapes, CD’s, books, videos and training programs he has helped more than ½ million agents realize their potential and fulfill their dreams.
Over the years Floyd Wickman has spoken to over 3,000 audiences, authored six top selling books, and sold over 1,000,000 audio programs. He was elected as CSP, CPAE, and a Hall of Fame member of the National Speakers Association®. The National Association of REALTORS® and REALTOR® Magazine named Floyd Wickman one of the 25 Most Influential People in Real Estate.
A NAR study at the turn of the century alerted Floyd to the impending changes in the real estate industry and prompted him to create Floyd Wickman's Program S.M.A.R.T. Selling™ to address the issues of building a salable book of business and becoming a true master at selling skills. He now has, as he says, "15 of the greatest trainers in the world" teaching his S.M.A.R.T. Selling™ in the United States and Canada.
The Floyd's 101 Greatest Dialogues™ was released as a six DVD set in 2005. That same year Floyd began a 48 city tour to promote this release and to just have some good clean fun. In addition, he hosts the annual Master Sales Event™ and speaks at client and National events on average of 24 times per year. His material and style has withstood the test of time. His latest training programs and coaching systems are proving themselves again and again. His latest book, “Letters to Linda” is breaking sales records and he continues to develop groundbreaking programs and products to help his clients and customers and the real estate family at large live better lives.

Speech Titles :

Greatest Slow Market Dialogues of Floyd Wickman

During this fast-paced, compelling workshop you will listen, laugh and learn the most powerful and effective dialogue and techniques in the industry for realizing your full potential.
Rated his “best seminar yet” agents learn how to:
  • Convince buyers and sellers not to wait
  • Turn expired listings into closings
  • Get price reductions
  • Turn internet inquiries into in-office appointments
  • Capitalize in a changing market
Powerful dialogues for today’s real estate professionals
And much more!
“A ‘grand slam’ is the best way to describe our recent sales rally featuring The Greatest Dialogues of Floyd Wickman! I have had so many glowing compliments from my associates thanking me for bringing Floyd to Gambino Realtors. We all felt Floyd was genuinely interested in helping us advance our careers, and not just going through the motions. I guess the greatest testament is that we look forward to having Floyd back in the future.”
Jonathan R. Krause, CRB, President, GMAC Gambino Realtors
How the Best Get Better
Listen, laugh and be inspired as Floyd shares with you
  • How to generate referral business and never have to cold call again
  • The secret to building a bigger, better business base
  • How to put more balance in your personal and professional life
  • How to best yourself on a daily basis
  • How to fine tune your selling skills
“Thank you for being a presenter at our annual 2000 Realtors Conference and Expo. We have complied the attendee evaluations. Overall the attendees wrote many positive comments such as ‘excellent’, “’Best program ever,’ and ‘best program of the conference.’ Your presentations…greatly contributed to the overall success of the program.”
Rosalyn M. Kriener, Program Manager, National Association of Realtors
Only The Tough Survive
Your people will be motivated to think and act like winners in spite of market conditions.
 Here is what you will learn during this exciting event:
  •  A powerful 3 part formula for producing more in less time
  •  How to put more balance in your daily activities
  • How to stay motivated
  • The top 12 techniques and dialogues for selling more and getting more listings sold in a challenging market
  • A method of self accountability to help one  change from 'stinkin thinkin' to thinking like a winner and, much more
Solving the Ten Most Common Management Problems

This workshop identifies and defines the most common personality profiles and walks management team members through the best in the business techniques to direct and motivate each type.
In addition you will master how to:
  • Build a powerful and productive team
  • Utilize valuable one-on-one problem solving team tool
  • Use accountability management effectively
  • Implement four fantastic methods for drastically increasing production
“Your presentation was enthusiastically received, and we still continue to receive positive accolades from our Franchises! Of all your presentations I’ve had the privilege of attending, this was truly your finest. Your timely message kept the audience enthralled and sitting on the edge of their seats for the next idea! Your charisma, charm and humor has prompted our people to definitely want you back soon!”
C.V. LeForce, Chairman & CEO, Realty World for N. California and Nevada

Short Sale Seminar
Today’s quickly shifting market means savvy agents need timely tools to compete and succeed. This content-rich workshop walks agents though the intricacies of creating real world solutions for distressed homeowners in a tough economy.
You will learn:
  • The three phrases of a property in foreclosure
  • When to use a short sale versus foreclosure
  • How to find short sale prospects
  • The 9 vital steps when working with short sales
  • Top ten short sales opportunities
  • Effective short sales dialogues for sellers and lenders
And much more!
Thank you for a great informative seminar.  Really honed to today's real estate market.  It will give the realtors a new income stream in these difficult times.  Whilst I am not personally interested in listing short sales, I  have the buyers interested in buying shorts and I learnt to understand the lender situation and their thinking, thus allowing me to structure the offer with the best chance of acceptance.
Gwen Garner, FL
"I would like to thank you for the recent Short Sale seminar you provided to our Association.  Our members gave rave reviews of the instructor and the course materials.   We can't wait to schedule another course through you and it is nice to know that there are instructors willing to share with their fellow REALTORS.   Thank you again can't wait for the next class."
Andi Nix, RCE AE, FL

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