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Speaker Iamge Glenn Strange

About Glenn Strange :

Glenn Strange has always loved making people laugh. Yes, Strange is his real name. Even as far back as when he was in kindergarten. The five year olds thought he was hilarious. The teacher felt sorry for him; Glenn couldn't help the way he looked. At age 6, the doctors recommended removing Glenn's tonsils and adenoids. After that, things got better. Still looked funny, but the doctor was able to buy a new car.

All through elementary and junior high school Glenn struggled because he was extremely shy, lacked confidence, and didn't make friends easily. When all the other kids were participating in group activities, like playing sports, and attending summer camp, Glenn was home watching variety and comedy TV programs.
Shortly after entering high school Glenn began noticing girls were different. Up until that time, the only differences Glenn had noticed were:  girls had longer hair, they were better spellers, and their bicycles had no bar across the top. Out of his nervousness to talk to girls, Glenn discovered he had a natural gift to make people laugh. He began using his humor to make new friends, and gain self-confidence. The very thing that Glenn's parents and teachers believed to be a problem, was, in fact, a blessing.

Extreme shyness had caused Glenn to retreat to the safety and comfort of watching TV. He didn't watch cartoons, cowboys, super heroes, sports, or any programs normal kids his age would watch. It was the funny stuff Glenn couldn't get enough of. Programs with the masters of comedy like Red Skelton, Carol Burnett, Jack Benny, Andy Griffith, Lucille Ball, Phil Sylvers, Bill Cosby, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and Jackie Gleason. Like a sponge, Glenn's young mind was soaking up comedy and humor skills. He was developing his sense of timing, his delivery, and learning just what makes people laugh. Unknowingly, Glenn was taking part in a TV correspondence comedy course.
After finishing school, Glenn went on to a normal job as a machine designer. Glenn loved his work and took his job seriously, and says the best part was, everyday he had a captive audience with which to try his comedy. One day, a coworkers returned from a family vacation at Disney World, and gave Glenn a vanishing handkerchief magic trick. It didn't take Glenn long to figure out that magic was the tool he needed to have a reason to stand in front of crowds and be funny. It only took about 3 hours and twenty dollars to become a magician. That's how long it took him to locate and drive to a nearby magic shop, then purchase twenty dollars of magic.

Today Glenn travels all over the United States presenting his programs to corporations and associations. Programs that contain comedy, audience interaction, magic, recorded music, humorous stories, and a motivational message. Audience members enjoy participating in situation comedy routines, and becoming an important part of the program. Glenn says, “Many of today's comedy entertainers abuse or make fun of their audience members to get cheap laughs. I've worked years developing a one-of-a-kind quality family program that does not embarrass or make fun of any audience member. My programs are all about the audience's feelings. I'm there to help them have a great fun time, laugh with their friends, forget their everyday problems, feel good about their life, and be happy they attended.”

Glenn’s skills and his originality have won him numerous comedy competition awards throughout the United States. In 1998 he was on the TV, but the "Circuit City" manager asked him to leave the store before he broke something.

So, if you would like your clients, members, friends, family, or fellow employees to praise you for making them have a “GREAT FUN EXPERIENCE” then look no further. Your total satisfaction and ease of mind are the most important things to Glenn. Best of all; Glenn's easy to work with and HE'S FUNNY.

Speech Titles :

Never Forget to Laugh
--Audience-friendly comedy program
--It's fun, it feels good, and it's clean
--High energy
--Big laughs
--Inspiring, uplifting message

A Family That Laughs Together (Stays Together)
--For ages 5 to 105
--Designed to make the young feel grown up and the grown ups feel young
--Great for family resort conventions
--Big laughs and silly gigles
--Inspiring, uplifting message
--Stresses the importance of laughing with your children

A Time to Laugh
--Designed for church and Christian events
--Great for church outreach ministries
--Huge laughs with a Christian message

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