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Rita Davenport
Speaker Image Nationally known time management expert

Nido Qubein
Speaker Image From a poor immigrant to a self-made millionaire, his solid business background has made him a trusted source of management expertise.

John Mackovic
Speaker Image John Mackovic is respected professional and college football coach

Wayne Ates
Speaker Image It is like a breath of fresh air to hear a speaker nowadays who can have his say without being risqué. You don’t have to worry about being embarrassed by offbeat and off-color humor. Wayne Ates proves vividly that one can get people to laugh without being rude or crude.

Patty Duke
Speaker Image Patty Duke, Academy Award winning actress, past President of the Screen Actors Guild, and best selling author, has been delighting and challenging audiences for more than 40 years with her work in movies and on television.

Ed Foreman
Speaker Image former United States Congressman from two different states - Texas and New Mexico

Charlie Plumb
Speaker Image 6-year Vietnam POW; best-selling author of I'm No Hero

Roger Crawford
Speaker Image Positively influencing audiences worldwide, eloquently sharing the principles he has lived-adaptability, possibility thinking, and eliminating self-imposed obstacles and limitations.

John Amatt
Speaker Image Everest Expedition Leader, Author, called "The World's Best Adventure Speaker";more than 2000 keynotes and seminars in 49 countries worldwide.

Clebe McClary
Speaker Image Clebe McClary is a true American Hero.

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