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Dave Gorden
Speaker Image Dave Gorden works with organizations who want to provide exceptional service.

Jane Brody
Speaker Image New York Times personal health columnist, author of ten books on good health, and cancer survivor

Hugh Downs
Speaker Image Emmy Award-winning former anchor of "20/20" and the author of ten books

Ed Foreman
Speaker Image former United States Congressman from two different states - Texas and New Mexico

George Walther
Speaker Image The Traveling Twain of the 21st Century - Inspiring Profitable Adventures for Your Life and Business

Stephen Tweed
Speaker Image Healthcare and business strategist, works with companies that want to grow and leaders who want to get ready for the future

Roger Blackwell
Speaker Image Author of bestselling book From the Edge of the World and From Mind to Market: Reinventing the Retail Supply Chain, Roger Blackwell shows how to profit from changing consumer behavior and attitudes. A founding father of consumer behavior research, his speeches blend brilliant content with a sense of humor. Audiences learn...easy to implement strategies for increasing profits regardless of what your competitors are doing; how values are determining the prosperity of companies, countries and individuals; how changing demographics and lifestyles affect your industry and marketing tactics; how to develop entrepreneurial attitudes, even in large organizations. Blackwell currently serves as a professor of marketing and health services administration at the Ohio State University. He is the author of 22 books on marketing strategy and research.

Bill Moyers
Speaker Image Journalist and popular PBS host who is an advocate for substance abuse awareness

Bobbie Staten
Speaker Image Uplifting - Funny. Great for women's events, medical, hospital, and education events or associations. Veteran speaker. Tried and proven by 1000's of events.

Stephen Lewis
Speaker Image Celebrated Humanitarian and Former UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa

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