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Release - Largest Speaker Bureau in N.C. Changes Name To Speakers Network Worldwide
Missy Weld

Email: missy@speakersnetworkworldwide.com
Missy Weld
Hometown: Rochester, NY
One Word Says It All: Enthusiastic
Favorite Thing To Do: The beach---or walking, running, hiking, tennis, golf
Favorite Singer/Group: Andrea Bocelli
Favorite Book: Tuesdays With Morrie
Favorite Movie: City Slickers
Favorite Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Favorite Vacation Spot: Pawley’s Island, SC
True or False? 1) Middle child of nine children.
2) Danced in the Nutcracker.
3) Caught drag racing a Porsche with an officer on a motorcycle.

(One statement is false. Email me at missy@speakersnetworkworldwide.com with your guess.)
Patti Allen
Sr. Vice President

Email: patti@speakersnetworkworldwide.com
Patti Allen
Hometown: Lancaster, SC
One Word Says It All: Spark-plug
Favorite Thing To Do: Gardening/Traveling
Favorite Singer/Group: Anything soothing
Favorite Book: Gardening
Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music
Favorite Flavor: New York Super Fudge
Favorite Vacation Spot: Bermuda
True or False? 1) Skied the Black Diamonds at all major Colorado mountains.
2) Limousine broke down on my wedding day.
3) Wrecked a motorcycle in front of a famous landmark.

(One statement is false. Email me at patti@speakersnetworkworldwide.com with your guess.)
Dee Dawson
Customer Care Manager

Email: dee@speakersnetworkworldwide.com
Dee Dawson
Hometown: Edgefield, SC
One Word Says It All: Fun-loving
Favorite Thing To Do: Spectator sports/reading
Favorite Singer/Group: U2/Eric Clapton
Favorite Book: The Prince of Tides
Favorite Movie: Gone With The Wind
Favorite Flavor: Butter Pecan
Favorite Vacation Spot: Isle of Palms, SC
True or False? 1) Lived in 10 states in 6 years.
2) Walked on Lake Erie.
3) Had several poems published.

(One statement is false. Email me at dee@speakersnetworkworldwide.com with your guess.)