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Influencing Human Behavior

Chris Helder creates leaders and sales people with IMPACT. Utilizing the Power of Influence, he demonstrates how to increase results and sell in the new 'E-Wall' reality.  

Dave Weber
Dave Weber's fun, high energy, and entertaining style have made him one of the country's most sought after speakers. Described as a "chihuahua on caffeine," Dave is always a crowd favorite. As a cap ...More>>
Bruce Tulgan
Bruce Tulgan is internationally recognized as the leading expert on young people in the workplace and one of the leading experts on leadership and management. ...More>>
Jack Wiles
In addition to being a professional speaker and published author, Jack is also a Security Professional with over 30 years experience in security related fields. ...More>>
Cycles: How We Will Live, Work & Buy  -  Maddy Kent   Dychtwald
Cycles is a business book which is rich in contemporary anthropology, sociology, and social history. If Rip Van Winkle awoke in 2010, after a thirty- or forty-year sleep, he would be astounded by the revolutionary changes in how we live, work, and play. Maddy Dychtwald's provocative presentation and analysis of these changes will stimulate marketers to discard many assumptions and to think of new ways to meet the evolving needs of 21st-century co ...More>>