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Mr. Accountibility

Why is Walter Bond (Mr. Accountability) such an in-demand speaker?  Glad you asked — Walter Bond is clearly one of the most dynamic and entertaining speakers on the planet. Meeting planners rave about his platform skills. His stage presence effortlessly captivates his audiences and will have them spellbound. 

Chad Hymas
Chad inspires, motivates, and moves audiences, creating an experience that touches hearts for a lifetime. ...More>>
Jack Wiles
In addition to being a professional speaker and published author, Jack is also a Security Professional with over 30 years experience in security related fields. ...More>>
Sondra Thiederman
25 years experience as a speaker and author on diversity, workplace bias, and cross-cultural business. Author of 4 books including the recently revised 2nd Edition of "Making Diversity Work: Seven Ste ...More>>
Dining Lean: How to Eat Health When You're Not At Home  -  Dr. Jo   Lichten
Dr. Jo's Dining Lean helps you make healthy choices in restaurants, snack bars, cafeterias, and coffee shops. Grilled chicken and salad are not the only options - and sometimes, they are not even the best options. Recommended for people who want to lose weight, lower their cholesterol, or get their blood sugar in control. Packed with chef-recommended tips, food comparisons, and nutrition information. Includes calories, fat, saturated fat, trans f ...More>>