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Influencing Human Behavior

Chris Helder creates leaders and sales people with IMPACT. Utilizing the Power of Influence, he demonstrates how to increase results and sell in the new 'E-Wall' reality.  

Kare Anderson
Quotability expert, Emmy-winner Wall Street Journal reporter ...More>>
JP Pawliw-Fry
The leading authority on the impact of emotions on performance ...More>>
Jordan Goodman
Deliver Real Value with America's Money Answers Man ...More>>
Chief Customer Officer  -  Jeanne   Bliss
Make Your DNA Revolve Around Customers. Get past the lip service to earn your customers’ rave… Deliver an experience your customers will want to repeat and tell everyone they know about! Companies and leaders genuinely want to do the right thing for customer and the business, yet competing operational priorities make it difficult to focus on delivering a meaningful customer experience day in and day out. “Customer” companies have a remark ...More>>