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Joseph Grenny and Crucial Conversations

Joseph Grenny will teach your audience a handful of highly effective skills for fostering open dialogue.  Continually on of his most requested topics, this engaging presentation will show attendees how to create alignment and agreement around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics---at all levels of your organization.

JP Pawliw-Fry
The leading authority on the impact of emotions on performance ...More>>
Jack McCall
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Karyn Buxman
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Between Trapezes  -  Gail   Blanke
With record unemployment, high divorce rates, and financial instability, more people than ever before will find themselves in transition. Most of us are afraid of the in-between times-those stretches between jobs, between lovers, between a past that is stifling our dreams and a future that is scarily, precariously unknown. We are so reluctant to face uncertainty that often we cling to a view of ourselves that we know can never allow us to soar, t ...More>>