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Margie Warrell is an ICF certified coach with a 
background in psychology and Fortune 500 business. 
As an expert on courage in the workplace and beyond, 
she is passionate about challenging both individuals 
and organizations to expand their vision, engage in 
Sharon Spano
A business strategist, workforce expert, and keynote speaker who specializes in corporate transformation, leadership development, and integrity in the workplace. ...More>>
Linda Criddle
Linda Criddle is a tireless advocate for consumers. Her passion and talent for teaching Internet safety principles has benefited youth, parents, and educators. She is author of the award-winning consu ...More>>
Therese McCarthy

Therese is an international Trainer & keynote speaker & has presented to Fortune 500 in New York and Irish American Companies in Washington, Boston & New York.

Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed  -  Patrick   Schwerdtfeger
Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed details a step-by-step marketing road map for growing your business, especially online. Today's professionals understand that the Internet offers tremendous business opportunities, but they lack practical strategies to take action. Real profits seem unattainable. This user-friendly guide breaks down what seems like an overwhelming challenge into easily implemented, bite-size solutions. Each chapter can ...More>>