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The Confidence Code has fueled great interest in Katty Kay for conferences focusing on women’s issues. Meanwhile, interest in Katty as a speaker on U.S. and global politics remains equally strong. Recently, Katty traveled to Romania with U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel who was there to show support for European allies and visit U.S. military personnel amid tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

John Pullum
That funny bald man from TV. 100% Clean, 100% Amazing, 100% Hilarious! When you want to entertain and motivate your guests. ...More>>
Jack Wiles
In addition to being a professional speaker and published author, Jack is also a Security Professional with over 30 years experience in security related fields. ...More>>
Jack McCall
"Jack McCall helps businesses and individuals perform more effectively in a world marked by constant pressure and accelerated change. ...More>>
It Happened On the Way to War: A Marine's Path to Peace  -  Rye   Barcott
Rye Barcott went to Kenya looking for answers to ethnic violence. What he found was a slum teeming with garbage, vermin, and .... talented people looking for opportunities. Anyone who has ever sought the answer to poverty, or a formula to promote development and empowerment, or pathways to peace, should read this book. Through warm friendships with people living in the slum, he was able to assist in the building of a community organization that s ...More>>