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Some say, Pat Lencioni is The Advantage!  One of the Nation's Top 5 Business Speakers (according to The Wall Street Journal.) Pat consistently receives the highest overall speaker ratings.  

The wide spread appeal of Pat's leadership models have yielded a diverse base of speaking and consulting clients.

Named in Fortune as one of the "ten new gurus you should know"  Pat   More>>

Donna Brazile
Political Commentator and Chair of the Voting Rights Institute ...More>>
Don Hutson
Expert on Negotiations, Entrepreneurship, and Selling Value; Don Hutson knows how to make you more successful! ...More>>
Jack Wiles
In addition to being a professional speaker and published author, Jack is also a Security Professional with over 30 years experience in security related fields. ...More>>
From Victim to Victor  -  Mari   Frank
Like many, I though it could never happen to me -- But it did. Both me and my wife had our ID stolen! Within 24 hours, there were more than 20 fraudulent applications to credit granters, not to mention the fraudulent use of my credit and debit cards. It was scary. I needed help. I got this book. Ms. Frank takes the perfect tone: it happened, now let's fix it. The step by step directions are clear. She takes you through the process in sequence ...More>>