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It's Your Ship.....

He turned the worst-performing Navy ship in the Pacific Fleet into #1 in twelve months---using the very same crew.  Mike Abrashoff realized that if things were going to improve, he had to change his leadership style. In many ways, this ship was an extreme example of the same problems facing organizations today.  Learn how to rethink how to lead and break from the traditional command and control model.

Floyd Wickman

Those who know Floyd Wickman will tell you that he can teach anyone how to succeed in real estate regardless of their background because he is living proof.

Larry Gulko
As a sought-after marketing strategist and speaker, Larry creates powerful brand marketing ideas and strategies that build sustainable, leading brands that drive business growth. Brands that are focu ...More>>
Sondra Thiederman
25 years experience as a speaker and author on diversity, workplace bias, and cross-cultural business. Author of 4 books including the recently revised 2nd Edition of "Making Diversity Work: Seven Ste ...More>>
A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life  -  Mellanie True   Hills
Most women don't know that breast cancer isn't their worst enemy. Two silent stalkers, heart disease and stroke, kill two of every five women, largely due to our speed-obsessed, stressed, unhealthy lifestyles. Every minute, we lose one woman to heart disease or stroke in the US, and two-thirds of them had no prior symptoms. It's happening to younger and younger women--women in their forties, thirties, even twenties. Why are we losing this bat ...More>>