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Socrates in Silicon Valley by Tom Morris

Steve Jobs, despite all the obstacles he faced, created the world's most valuable and exciting com   More>>

Mark Jeffries
Former Merrill Lynch stockbroker Mark Jeffries has become a trusted adviser and communications consultant ...More>>
David Browning

David Browning is "The Mayberry Deputy".  And the Eulogy for the Pillsbury Doughboy!

John Pullum
That funny bald man from TV. 100% Clean, 100% Amazing, 100% Hilarious! When you want to entertain and motivate your guests. ...More>>
One Page Management  -  Riaz   Khadem
One Page management helps you implement the principles in The One Minute Manager. Key to success is access to information. But busy managers are drowning in a sea of useless data. One Page Management Teaches a simple screening system that reduces the glut of memos, printouts, and files to three one-page reports, giving managers a complete view of their organization. Achievers become visible, problems are short-circuited, and managers gain control ...More>>